Youthbytes: On Track (DVD)

    Youthbytes: On Track (DVD)

    Chad Daniel
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    Stay on track and take life to the extreme!

    One of the great enemies the Church faces in this generation is teenage boredom with the things of God. This is a serious problem among today’s youth, and YouthBytes® goes on the offence in helping you fight this. YouthBytes® uses some extreme measures to confront the needs of teenagers in this fast paced, high tech world you live in. We never change the message, but we do believe in changing the methods that you use to communicate timeless truths about Jesus Christ and about living a life of faith. YouthBytes® is a DVD resource that is designed to give you a powerful new tool to engage the faith of teens and young adults.

    On Track

    In Bounds – Boundaries limit your fulfilment! Or do they? Chad shows how some restrictions actually protect you, and not only enable you to enjoy your life more fully, but allow you to take life to the EXTREME!

    Out of Bounds – Cross the line and you get busted! See Chad try to go out-of-bounds with police, goats, and birds. Discover why walking the straight and narrow protects you from the consequences that want to prey on your life.