You Can Be Your Best - Starting Today (Mass Market Paperback)

    You Can Be Your Best - Starting Today (Mass Market Paperback)

    John Mason
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    Excellence starts now!

    What’s holding you back in life? Stealing your momentum? Is it that you can’t see the results of your efforts? Is it comparisons you’re making between yourself and others who are further along the path? Even if frustration seems like the status quo, it doesn’t have to be your future.

    In his signature style, bestselling author John Mason offers you fifty-two nuggets of truth that will break down the barriers to excellence in your life. He reminds you that you’re not alone in your dreams and that God is there, helping you overcome anything that holds you back from achieving your very best. Mason shows you how to squelch those negative thoughts and stay motivated.

    If you’re ready to launch an all-out attack on mediocrity, you need to let go of whatever holds you back and be your best—starting today!