You Are Alive In Christ (Stonecroft Bible Studies)(Paperback)

    You Are Alive In Christ (Stonecroft Bible Studies)(Paperback)

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    Be encouraged to know God and grow in His love through exploration of His life-transforming Word.

    Our culture today offers many apparently helpful spiritual ideas and religious philosophies. Can you accept them? Can you enhance your faith by adding them to your Christian beliefs and practice? This study takes you to the apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians to find answers.

    Paul’s words to the Colossians remain up to the minute today. Whatever human inventions might be added to Jesus and His gospel—pursuing sensual pleasures, keeping rules, focusing on angels and other spirits, maximizing your natural potential—nothing matches up to Christ. Human ideas and effort can only detract, because God the Father has made you complete in His Son.

    Open-ended discussion questions, Bible passages, and easy-to-understand explanations and applications help you, or you and your group, explore how Jesus Christ is supreme and every believer is complete in Him.