Words of Jesus For Guys (Paperback With Flaps)

    Words of Jesus For Guys (Paperback With Flaps)

    Carolyn Larsen
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    Help your son make sense of the tough decisions he is faced with every day.

    Words of Jesus for Guys are 366-day devotionals written especially for 8-12-year-olds. Each day features a Scripture verse, a lesson for the day, and a “Living It” section for practical application.

    These funky and fresh devotionals are sure to bring your son closer to Jesus through His words on topics such as caring, sharing, and living a life that is pleasing to Him.

    Since children are confronted by tough decisions more and more every day, Words of Jesus for Guys will help him to make sense of it all by listening to what Jesus has to say. He will learn to answer his calling to shine his light for Him and live by His words.

    Also available in Afrikaans under the titles Jesus se woorde vir seuns.

    About the Author

    Carolyn Larsen is an author, actress, and an experienced speaker with a God-given passion for ministering to women and children. She has spoken at conferences and retreats around the United States, Canada, and India. Carolyn has written over 40 books for children and adults. Her writing has won various awards. Carolyn lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with her husband, Eric. They have three children and are proud grandparents.