Wild (CD)

    Wild (CD)

    Sean Feucht
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    Recorded live at Bethel Church, Wild marks Sean Feucht’s first release as a Bethel Music artist, and his seventeenth

    career release to date. Inspired by Jesus as the “Wild One”, this album thematically depicts how Jesus modeled a life

    of radical obedience and holy boldness. Igniting missions movements around the world, Feucht’s heart is reflected

    in songs such as “Till The Whole Earth Looks Like Heaven”, “Heart and Hands” and “Wild One”. Feucht has forged

    these songs through personal experience, bringing the joy-filled gospel into uncharted regions of the world. From

    war-torn areas in Iraq to the underground church in China, Sean has discovered the unique characteristic of Jesus as

    the Wild One: “You are the Wild One / You are the Wild One / Your love’s a flame / Chasing everything”. Having

    embraced this missional call of God, Feucht notes, “Carrying the Kingdom is not laborious”. The album echoes this

    sentiment in its diverse sonic landscape, ranging from joyful anthems to intimate songs centered around God’s love

    for the one. Serving as a call to action for believers to go to the ends of the earth, Wild will ignite worshipers to sing

    out the gospel of Jesus Christ, “Till the whole earth looks like heaven”.