Where You Live Matters (DVD)

    Where You Live Matters (DVD)

    Gabe Lyons
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    Following the example of the "Society Rooms" of the late 1600's and the Clapham Circle of the early 1800's, Q Society Rooms are designed to gather your small group of leaders to dialogue, learn, an d work together to explore how to express the Christian faith in a post-Christian culture. A Participant's Book, Leader's DVD and Guide, and a group project complete the Q Society experience, which wi ll challenge your and every other participant's innermost beliefs and pre-conceived ideas about life, faith, the world, and cultural responsibility.

    In Where You Live Matters: Developing a Vision for Your City, host Gabe Lyons and DVD presenters Timothy Keller and Joel Kotkin pose a fundamental lifestyle question to you as a modern Christian: Could it be that where and how you live is dramaticall y shaped by your own visions and dreams for your life? Lyons and Herbst then help you and the group explore-through short articles by noted authors, transcripts from Q Talks (included in the Leader's DVD and Guide), five meetings to discuss important topics related to the overall theme, and thought-provoking questions-a biblical perspective on where you live and where you worship. Where You Live M atters: Developing a Vision for Your City group meetings include:

    Group Meeting One – Video: Tim Keller
    Grace of the City

    Group Meeting Two – Essay: Mel McGowan
    Saving Suburbia: From the Garden to t he City

    Group Meeting Three – Video: Joel Kotkin
    The Future of the Suburbs

    Group Meeting Four – Video: Tim Keller
    Grace in and for the City Group Meeting Five – Group Project and Discussion