Where His Light Was (CD)

    Where His Light Was (CD)

    Kristene Dimarco
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    Worship leader and songwriter Kristene DiMarco turns a new page with the release of her vibrant album, Where His Light Was. This project marks her first release as an artist with Bethel Music, and her fourth career release to date. For Kristene, this album stands as a beacon, representing life lessons and revelation uncovered across the last 10 years of her life. Penned into 11 songs, the album’s axis is one of remembrance; exploring the way God illuminates our past and difficult seasons when we encounter His perspective and hear His voice.

    The album is bright and carefree, yet rich in meaning; articulated as one who has apprehended clarity through choosing to face fear head on. DiMarco’s vocals are, in one moment, tender and nuanced and full of conviction and resolve in the next. Where His Light Was imparts confidence in worshipers to recognize our redemptive, hope-filled God as the lamp to our feet and the light to our path.