What Your Son Isnt Telling You (Mass Market Paperback)

    What Your Son Isnt Telling You (Mass Market Paperback)

    Michael Ross & Susaie Shellenberger
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    Strategies to help parents guide boys successfully into manhood.

    Here's a rare look at the secret lives of teen boys--often characterized by loneliness and peer fear, in which measuring up means conforming to a tough-guy code, never showing weakness or expressing true feelings. Many boys feel constant pressure to prove themselves in the classroom, on playing fields, and among their friends. Deep inside they hunger for family support and connection--and long to be accepted by their peers. This must-read book is packed with real-life stories and emails from teen boys that will give you new insights into the mind and heart of your son.

    About the Authors

    Michael Ross is an award-winning journalist. He writes, edits, and manages Back to the Bible's book publishing efforts and is a former editor of Breakaway magazine, published by Focus on the Family. He has authored and collaborated on more than 30 books, including What Your Son Isn't Telling You. Michael and his family live in Lincoln, Nebraska.

    Susie Shellenberger was founding editor of Focus on the Family's Brio magazine for teen girls in 1990 and continued to serve as editor for more than two decades. A former youth pastor and a high school teacher, she has written more than 40 books, is in demand as an international speaker for women's groups and teens, and started the Brio Mother/Daughter Cruise for Focus on the Family. Susie lives in Colorado Springs and recently launched a new magazine for teen girls, Susie.