Bello Fiore Perfume Anointing Oil (10 ml)

    Bello Fiore Perfume Anointing Oil (10 ml)

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    Anointing Oil created from a blend of the Finest French Perfume Oils

    The Perfume Anointing Oil has been created from a blend of Finest French Perfume Oils (unisex soft scent, exclusive Fragrance from Bello Fiore) with Myrrh, Sweet Cinnamon, Calamus, Cassia and Olive Oil (ingredients are printed on the back of the 10ml bottle).

    There are many Bible verses that speak of Anointing with Oil and is used by Saints & Priests (Born again Believers) to Anoint, Bless, Cast out demons and used for Healing. Anointing oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit being present to minister by power and might.

    • Myrrh represents our need to be purified for the service to God and symbolized the suffering of Jesus on the cross. His act of love for sinners is the sweet fragrance offered to God.
    • Sweet Cinnamon speaks of our attitude on how we treat others and sweetness of grace in a believer’s life.
    • Calamus represents the maturity we must develop in your walk with Christ. It speaks of brokenness and the resurrection of Jesus Christ & His Kingdom Rule.
    • Cassia signifies our walk in the spirit. We are not only operating as the temple of the Holy Spirit, but spiritually speaking we are also operating in the office of a Priest. It also represents the true humility of those who bow down before the mighty hand of God.
    • Olive Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It activates and releases the ingredients that have been mixed, ensuring that they flow together.

    Perfume is the fragrance aromatic substance used for religious, health, personal and funeral purposes and by adding fragrance has added pleasure, a sense of significance and a distinctive association with our Scriptures.