Unstuck (Paperback)

    Unstuck (Paperback)

    Barry D Ham
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    Get out of the ‘marriage rut’ and find hope and happiness together!

    Do you feel stuck in your marriage?

    Maybe you feel distant from your spouse. Every marriage goes through “dry spells” like this. Or maybe you’ve reached the point where you feel like roommates—two people just
    co-existing together.

    No matter where you are, God knows how to heal a marriage and wants to breathe life into your relationship!

    In Unstuck, marriage therapist Dr. Barry Ham gives you tools to navigate through hard times in your relationship and shares inspirational stories of couples who worked through the “marriage rut.”

    Learn how to:

            Change your relationship’s atmosphere by seeing your spouse through God’s eyes

            Sustain a passionate and vibrant marriage for years to come by learning to build a solid foundation

            Reconnect with your spouse on an intimate, heart level and heal from past hurts together

            Build a successful and unshakeable marriage by learning practices to keep God at the center

    If you’re thinking, “I want to learn how to make my marriage better,” discover the secrets to getting Unstuck and partner with God to transform your relationship!

    About the Author

    Dr. Barry Ham is an educator in a variety of forms: as a college professor, an adolescent counselor, and as a Marriage and Family Therapist in practice in Colorado Springs. He has degrees in Ministry, Music, Psychology, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Clinical Psychology. He lives in the Colorado Springs area and has two grown children.