Turkeys And Eagles Board Game (Boxed Set)

    Turkeys And Eagles Board Game (Boxed Set)

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    Turkeys and Eagles™ is a unique board game designed to help you discover your true identity in Christ.

    Turkeys and Eagles™ is a unique board game designed to take players on a journey to discover their wings and unlock their true potential. The game was inspired by Peter Lord’s book “Turkeys and Eagles”.

         This board game is much more than just a game… it is designed to help players discover – or rediscover – their true identity. Whilst having lots of fun, the game guides players to realise where they have become stuck in life and reminds them that they were born to fly.  The game helps them identify thought patterns that keep them bound to the ‘ground’ like turkeys and guides them to runways that can help them to ‘fly’ like the eagles they were created to be.

         The game aims to help players discover truth about themselves through questions, inputs and reflections. These truths help them to explore their true potential by confronting limiting, turkey-thinking and cultivating Christ-like eagle-mind sets. The game encourages players to be creative and to apply all that they have discovered to their everyday lives.

    Turkeys and Eagles™ has multiple applications – from family fun at home, to a powerful transformational tool when facilitated in a professional setting.

    • Discover your identity
    • Unlock authentic discussions
    • Reveal biblical truth
    • Expose limiting beliefs
    • Develop godly mind sets
    • Connect with others

    Website: www.turkeys-and-eagles.com

    Facebook & Instagram: @turkeysandeaglesgame