Transit To Heaven (Paperback)

    Transit To Heaven (Paperback)

    Salma Said Ali
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    The fascinating account of a Muslim woman’s journey to Christianity.

    Salma Said Ali was brought up as a devout Muslim on the island of Zanzibar.

    Following the failure of her first marriage she re-married and moved with her husband to England. Here, through the prophetic ministry of one man, accompanied by various dreams and other heavenly signs, she became convinced that Jesus (Issa) is in fact the divine Son of God – God made human.

    After several years as a secret believer she eventually confessed this to her family, facing the rejection that she knew would come but bearing it for the sake of her new faith.

    Transit to Heaven is the fascinating account of Salma’s journey to Christianity and offers insight into the life of a Muslim woman honestly seeking God.

    About the Author

    Salma Said Ali was born on the island of Zanzibar in 1962 and brought up as a devout Muslim. She is a teacher, speaker and founder of Salma’s Ministries, a non-profit Christian ministry that aims to spread the Word of God through all nations.