Dispensationalism And The History Of Redemption (Paperback)

    Dispensationalism And The History Of Redemption (Paperback)

    D Jeffrey Bingham & Other
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    Top-level scholarship on an enduring tradition

    Dispensationalism has long been associated with a careful, trustworthy interpretation of Scripture. Reflective of its past and present status and strategic to its future, Dispensationalism and the History of Redemption is a fresh defense of a time-tested tradition.

    Made up of ten essays from leading dispensationalist scholars, this volume covers the critical elements to know:

    ·         An introduction to dispensationalism—including its terms and biblical support

    ·         The history and influence of dispensationalism—from its roots in John Nelson Darby to its global reach through missions

    ·         The hermeneutic of dispensationalism—the interpretive principles behind the system

    ·         Dispensationalism and redemptive history—the story of salvation traced through the Old and New Testaments, including their unity and diversity in relation to Christ

    ·         Dispensationalism and covenant theology—a comparison and contrast between two main evangelical perspectives on Scripture’s unity

    With contributors from top-tier schools like Dallas Theological Seminary and Wheaton College, Dispensationalism and the History of Redemption is an expert treatment of an enduring yet developing tradition.

    About the Authors

    D. Jeffrey Bingham (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is Associate Dean of Biblical and Theological Studies and Professor of Theology at Wheaton College. His academic specialties are Patristic Theology, History of the Reception of the Bible, History of Biblical Interpretation, Second-Century Christianity, and Irenaeus. He is also the author of Pocket History of the Church, and The Routledge Companion to Early Christian Thought.

    Glenn R. Kreider (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary where he teaches systematic and historical theology courses. His research interests include Jonathan Edwards, theological method, and eschatology. He is also the author of God with Us: Exploring God’s Personal Interactions with His People throughout the Bible.