Introducing Jesus (Paperback)

    Introducing Jesus (Paperback)

    Mark L Strauss
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    An abridged edition of the bestselling textbook Four Portraits; One Jesus by Mark Strauss; this simple; easy-to-understand guide introduces the four biblical Gospels and the life and person of Jesus.

    To Christians worldwide; Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of history; and the object of their faith; hope; and worship. Even those who do not follow him admit the vast influence of his life. For anyone interested in knowing more about Jesus; study of the four biblical Gospels is essential.

    Like different artists rendering the same subject using different styles and points of view; the Gospels paint four distinctive portraits of the same remarkable Jesus. In Introducing Jesus; author and professor Mark Strauss addresses questions that surround the study of Jesus and the Gospels.

    What are the Gospels - are they history; theology; biography? Where did they come from? What is known about their context? What does each Gospel uniquely teach about Jesus?

    Strauss addresses these questions and much more; illuminating what the Gospels together teach about Jesus' ministry; message; death; and resurrection; and how believers today know they can trust their witness.

    Including questions at the end of each chapter for group discussion or personal reflection; Introducing Jesus makes the words; history; and context of the Gospels come alive.
    Mark Strauss (PhD; Aberdeen) is professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary in San Diego. He has written The Davidic Messiah in Luke-Acts; Distorting Scripture?: The Challenge of Bible Translation and Gender Accuracy; Luke in the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary series; and Mark in the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament.