The Surprising Marriage (Repackaged Edition)(Paperback)

    The Surprising Marriage (Repackaged Edition)(Paperback)

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    Is your marriage as dynamic and exciting as it could be?

    Remember how you felt on your wedding day? As newlyweds? God wants your life together to become more exciting as time goes on.

    In The Surprising Marriage, discover the joys of a faith journey together, learn how to pass on to your children the legacy of a Christ-centered marriage, find ways to celebrate your differences--rather than fighting against each other, and realize how a marriage filled with life and love reflects God's glory. This study contains four sessions, each with four main components:

    Tilling the Ground
    Planting the Seed
    Watering the Hope
    Harvesting the Fruit

    Your marriage was designed to flourish as it ages. As you seek God's will together, you will find that you can have a relationship . . . filled with life!