The Same Love (CD)

    The Same Love (CD)

    Paul Baloche
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    Paul Baloche is recognised as one of the most prolific songwriters of the modern church era. His songs have consistently been sung by millions of church-goers each week around the world. On his lates t Praise and Worship release, Paul offers 10 fresh church anthems powered by the title track The Same Love.
    The song The Same Love is penned by Paul Baloche and Michael Rossback and sums up beautifull y what the album's bigger message conveys in the lyrics of the chorus:

    The same love that set the captives free, The same love that opened eyes to see
    Is calling us all by name, You are calling us al l by name.
    The same God that spread the heavens wide, The same God that was crucified
    Is calling us all by name, You are calling us all by name.

    Twenty-two years of music ministry. Twenty-five years of marriage. Countless beloved songs. All remarkable signposts on a remarkable journey. As Paul reflects on the road so far, he remains committed as ever to what matters most. For Paul Baloche, his s piritual journey is marked by songs. The Same Love is Paul's tenth full-length album. Songwriting is a big part of my spiritual life, Paul shares. It helps me go deeper with God. It helps me fix my mi nd on Jesus, to set my mind on things above. It keeps my own heart fresh and alive, for myself, my family, and the church.