The Roar (DVD)

    The Roar (DVD)

    Frans Cronje
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    Where do I belong?

    Do you need to find out what your authentic purpose within God's will for your life is? It is time.

     This time round the time to step out into the rain without fearing that you would get a cold. It is time to trust God with all your heart and soul to teach why you were formed as the only true you. Renew your thoughts. Get God's courage and His answers to your uncertainties.

    The Roar is a South African and New York adventure drama about the soul-searching of Louise du Preez, ready stop waiting and start living her purpose. Amidst the selfish expectations of her dad and her fiancé she realises that it is her life and what needs to be done is her calling to start and to complete.

     Starring Almarie du Preez, Frans Cronjé & Heinz Winckler