The Pursuit (Paperback)

    The Pursuit (Paperback)

    T C Stallings
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    You are God’s creation. You have your own God-given purpose that is waiting to be pursued. Will you pursue it? Get ready.

    T. C. Stallings, who starred as Tony Jordan in the hit faith-based film War Room, shares an amazing and inspirational story of courageously pursuing his God-given purpose. Then in 14 days he will equip and encourage you to do the same!

    The only thing that can stop the plan of God for your life from succeeding is you. This is not because you have the “power” to stop God. It’s because He does not force His divine will on anyone, and instead, graciously allows us to choose what we do with it. Stopping the plan of God for your life from succeeding only happens one way—by not choosing to accept and pursue it. Why would anyone not want God’s plan for their lives? Maybe doubt, fear, uncertainty? Some people do not even know that God has a specific purpose and plan for their time on earth.

    The Pursuit contains 14 days of 14 Scriptures with 14 inspirational devotions, combined with real-life examples of how to apply each pursuit principle. Knowing that the one and only all-powerful God of the universe has designed an unstoppable plan for your life should cause you to chase after this plan with everything you have! 

    About the Author

    T. C. Stallings is an actor, speaker, author, and former professional athlete in the Canadian, Arena, and European football leagues. He was a standout football player and active participant with Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the University of Louisville, and played high school football at his beloved Bedford High School in Bedford Heights, Ohio.

    T. C. has experienced being a Christian athlete on all levels-from little league to the pros. His hopes are to use his experiences to help build true Christian athletes who can stand strong for Jesus on and off the field. He lives with his beautiful wife and his two wonderful children in Southern California. T. C. currently competes in USATF Master's Track and Field events as a sprinter. His favorite athlete of all time is the great Barry Sanders.

    In addition to his accomplishments on the field, T.C. is author of The Pursuit and his film and television credits include Courageous, War Room, Animal Planet's King of the Jungle, and more. T. C. travels the country as a speaker and Christian minister. He and his wife, Levette, have two children and live in Los Angeles, California.