The Psalm 112 Promise 8 Keys To Becoming Stable And Prosperous (Hardcover)

    The Psalm 112 Promise 8 Keys To Becoming Stable And Prosperous (Hardcover)

    John Eckhardt
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    This book will help me experience wholeness in my relationships, finances, and health, and to eradicate confusion and restore my heart and soul.

    Best-selling author John Eckhardt reveals the truth of Psalm 112 that the man who fears the Lord is gracious, full of compassion, and generous. His heart is fixed and established. He cannot be moved. He is uncompromisingly and consistently righteous. His righteousness endures forever.
    This psalm paints the picture of the life of the balanced, stable, steadfast, immovable believer, and Eckhardt’s teaching reveals how all of us can get there.

    About the Author

    John Eckhardt is overseer of Crusaders Ministries, located in Chicago, Illinois. Gifted with a strong apostolic call, he has ministered throughout the United States and overseas in more than eighty nations. He is a sought-after international conference speaker and has authored more than twenty books, including Prayers That Rout Demons, Prayers That Break Curses, Prophet, Arise!, and God Still Speaks. He also produces a weekly television program, Perfecting the Saints. Eckhardt resides in the Chicago area with his wife, Wanda.