The Power That Changes The World (Paperback)

    The Power That Changes The World (Paperback)

    Bill Johnson
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    This is our brightest hour!

    Every day you make choices that influence the culture and atmosphere around you. You are designed, as part of your purpose, to invade and solve problems here on earth. You've been given the keys to unlock infinite change in the here and now.

    Take hold of God's power and God's wisdom.

    As you wield the long-term strategy of His wisdom and the immediacy of His miracle-working power, you will live out the most undeniable demonstration of the heart, passion and nature of God. You will touch--and restore--the hearts of individuals, families, communities, cities and nations. You will create eternal impact and significance right now.

    What a moment to be alive!

    As you live out God's power and wisdom, and fully yield yourself to His purposes--maintaining a heart of hope and promise for the days ahead--you will work wonders for His Kingdom.


           Foreword by Jack Hayford    7

           Acknowledgments    9

    1. The Greenhouse Effect    11
    2. God Has a Dream    23
    3. The Profound Prototype    33
    4. The Reformer    47
    5. The Nature of  the Gift    61
    6. The Big Test    75
    7. The Power of  Beauty    97
    8. What Jesus Preached    111
    9. Loving Babylon    131
    10. Erasing Lines    149
    11. No Devil, No Problem?     165
    12. A Theology of  Blessing    179
    13. The Power of  the Broken    197
    14. Living Full    207

    About the Author

    Bill Johnson is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California. A fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the power of the Spirit, he is the bestselling author of When Heaven Invades Earth. Bill and his wife, Beni, serve a growing number of churches through an apostolic network that has crossed denominational lines, partnering for revival. Bill and Beni live near Redding, California.