The Power Of Your Brain (Paperback)

    The Power Of Your Brain (Paperback)

    Stan Toler
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    Imagine the Possibilities of a Mind Made New

    Do you find yourself stuck in negative thought patterns? Is your thinking disrupting your day and thwarting your goals?

    When you choose to take each thought captive to the obedience of Christ, you drive out the world's way of thinking that breeds depression, discontent, and despair—and make room for more joy, faith, and purpose. Let bestselling author Stan Toler teach you an easy four-step process for restoring order to your brain:

    • Detoxification—remove the clutter from your mind
    • Realignment—establish your thoughts on God's truth
    • Reinforcement—bring others along on the journey
    • Perseverance—maintain your positive momentum

    Are you ready to take back control of your thinking and embrace a new start?

    Experience the freedom of a mind transformed by God.

    About the Author

    Stan Toler has spoken in over 90 countries and written over 100 books with sales of more than 3 million copies. Toler for many years served as vice president and instructor for INJOY, John C. Maxwell’s institute for training leaders to make a difference in the world.