The Mediation Of The Spirit (Pestecostal Manifestos)(Paperback)

    The Mediation Of The Spirit (Pestecostal Manifestos)(Paperback)

    Mark J Cartledge
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    A noteworthy theology of the Holy Spirit that challenges current scholarship in the field

    How might a distinctively Pentecostal and charismatic theological perspective inform and enrich the discourse of academic practical theology? In order to address that question, Mark Cartledge in this book probes the relationship between Scripture, experience, and the Holy Spirit by means of the concept of mediation — that is, how the divine is experienced in the world.

    An expert in both Pentecostal theology and practical theology, Cartledge offers a unique intervention into practical theology through the lens of the Holy Spirit. He presents an original reading of Pentecost and the Spirit-reception texts in the book of Acts and engages with current literature in both Pentecostal studies and practical theology. Further, Cartledge places his whole discussion within a broader Protestant theological framework, and he interrogates an existing congregational study to provide a real-life example of theological intervention.

    About the Author

    Mark J. Cartledge is professor of practical theology at Regent University School of Divinity. He is also the author of Practical Theology: Charismatic and Empirical Perspectives and Encountering the Spirit: The Charismatic Tradition.