The Jewish Jesus (Hardcover)

    The Jewish Jesus (Hardcover)

    David Hoffbrand
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    To know Jesus fully and to understand His teaching we must look beyond our religious traditions and re-examine the Jewish aspects of His life, ministry, and mission. This rewiring of our perspective gives us a deeper, more accurate understanding of our Savior and King

    Uncover the Roots of Christianity and the Heritage of Jesus

    Christian religious tradition often overlooks the deep significance of Jesus’ Jewish heritage. Because of this, modern Christianity tends to paint an incomplete picture of the Messiah.

    The truth is that Jesus cannot be separated from His Jewishness and everything it encompasses: His life, upbringing, teaching, mission and methods.

    David Hoffbrand strips away some of the misinterpretations of Scripture that cause confusion and misunderstanding about the Messiah’s true identity, and delves into deeper realms of revelation about the Son of David.
    As you read The Jewish Jesus, you will…

            Gain deeper insights into Jesus’ identity and teaching

            Understand Jesus’ words in the context of the first-century culture

            Partake in special blessings reserved for those who bless Israel

            Discover a richer appreciation for the Jewish roots of Christianity

            Grow in your understanding of Israel’s prophetic destiny as it relates to unfolding events in the Middle East


    Look beyond religious tradition and discover the Messiah’s life, ministry and mission in a new light.

    As you change your perspective about Jesus, you will come to know Him more deeply, receive rich insights about your spiritual heritage, and understand God’s prophetic timeline more clearly!