The Glory Of God (Spirit-Led Bible Study)(Paperback)

    The Glory Of God (Spirit-Led Bible Study)(Paperback)

    Guillermo Maldonado
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    Many believers ask, Does God speak to us today? Is Jesus just a historical figure, or is He the living Christ? Can the Lord still do the same miracles the Bible talks about?

    God has not changed, nor is His glory just a theoretical concept. It is a heavenly reality that every believer can experience now. In The Glory of God (Spirit-Led Bible Study), you will learn how to build on your scriptural knowledge with fresh revelation from God. Each lesson will move you toward an exciting, purposeful life in which you experience the God of the Bible - the God of glory - every day as you are changed i nto His image and become a carrier of His transforming, healing presence to the world.

    Through these studies, you will...
    Develop a passion and thirst for God
    Be ignited by God's fire to do the i mpossible
    Become a dynamic witness and see lives transformed
    Confirm the gospel with supernatural signs
    Enter into spiritual rest - and watch God work!
    Receive your own miracles
    Live continu ally in God's glory
    The glory of God is a reality to be experienced. Enter into His manifest presence today and be changed forever.