The Gathering of Worshippers: Speak A Word (CD)

    The Gathering of Worshippers: Speak A Word (CD)

    Dr Tumi
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    The second installment of the Gathering of Worshippers concert by Dr Tumi, under the stars at the Voortrekker Monument amphitheatre in Tshwane “Beauty for Ashes”

     “Most songs are centered around love, God’s love. These songs speak about what God has done in our lives, where He has taken us and how God came into our lives and changed us.

    “People will connect with them because these are our stories and therefore allow people to reflect.” Dr Tumi says that he documented a tough phase in his life and how God rescued him in his song Wafika.

    Dr Tumi also wants his new songs to demonstrate the link between spirituality and what is happening in the world. “For everything natural, there is a spiritual element to it, and that is why for the most part we all need to do our bit to highlight this, to reflect where we are and make spiritual connections. I’m just being aware of what is happening.

    “I also believe that these things don’t just happen, but that there is a spiritual context to them.”