The Difference You Make (Hardcover)

    The Difference You Make (Hardcover)

    Pat Williams & Jim Denney
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    Everyone has influence. Each day your actions, your words, and your relationships impact those around you. So there’s only one question: What will you do with the influence you have?

    In The Difference You Make, Pat Williams, senior vice president and co-founder of the Orlando Magic and renowned motivational speaker, introduces us to scores of people who are changing the world by influencing lives, from the famous—like Coach John Wooden, Michael Jordan, and Joni Eareckson Tada—to the little known. He takes us inside his battle with cancer, his fascinating experiences in the sports world, and his amazing journey as a father of nineteen and grandfather of twelve.

    Pat tells us about the mentors and benefactors who have shaped his life—and he shares the secrets of their impact. “This book is deeply personal to me,” says Pat. “I wrote it to ‘pay it forward’ on behalf of all those to whom I am deeply indebted, and whom I can never repay.”

    He also shares practical, life-changing principles that you can put to work in your family, workplace, classroom, church, and community—principles such as servanthood, mentoring, empowerment, character, unselfish action, and the power of your written and spoken words. The stories and insights in this book will inspire you to look at your life in a whole new way, and to live your life as a role model, a powerful testimony, and an example for others to follow.