The Covenant Marriage (Repackaged Edition)(Paperback)

    The Covenant Marriage (Repackaged Edition)(Paperback)

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    When it comes to marriage advice, do you know who to trust?

    All marriages can benefit from a strong and faithful role model. With so many advice-givers, though, how do you know the best to follow?

    In The Covenant Marriage, discover how marriage mirrors God's commitment to His people, realize a biblical picture of what a commitment to your spouse should look like, reflect on how tradition draws you to a deeper understanding of marriage, and revisit the covenant you made when you said, "I do." This study contains four sessions, each with four main components:

    Tilling the Ground
    Planting the Seed
    Watering the Hope
    Harvesting the Fruit

    By delving into God's covenant with His people, you will discover a trusted advisor, and a clear picture of how your marriage was divinely designed to look.