The Breakthrough Guide To Fasting (Paperback)

    The Breakthrough Guide To Fasting (Paperback)

    Elmer L Towns
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    Three bestselling titles from Elmer L. Towns in one volume


    Book one of this volume, Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, will show you the biblical reasons for fasting and how it can strengthen your faith, draw you closer to God, and enable you to truly overcome in Christ. This book will also introduce you to the nine fasts presented in the Bible--each of which is designed for a specific physical and spiritual outcome. Book two, Fasting for Financial Breakthrough, reveals practical steps you can take to break the bonds of financial dependence and become good stewards of the resources God provides. Book three, The Daniel Fast for Spiritual Breakthrough, will coach you through a 10-day or 21-day fast based specifically on the Daniel Fast. This book includes 21 daily readings and recipes from executive chef John P. Perkins.

    About the Author

    Elmer L. Towns is dean emeritus of the School of Religion and Theological Seminary at Liberty University, which he cofounded in 1971 with Jerry Falwell. He continues to teach the Pastor's Bible Class at Thomas Road Baptist Church each Sunday, which is televised on a local network and Angel One. He makes his home in Lynchburg, Virginia.