The Age Of Promise Escape The Shadows Of The Law To Live (Hardcover)

    The Age Of Promise Escape The Shadows Of The Law To Live (Hardcover)

    Randy Robison
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    Randy Robison, co-host of LIFE Today, explores ten practices from the Old Testament and shows how Christians today can find deeper relationship with God as they understand these ancient principles and the promises they hold today.

    Many Christians struggle to understand the intricacies, much less the meaning, of various teachings in the Old Testament. In resignation, they point to Jesus's proclamation of a new covenant and overlook many foundational truths of God, such as sacrifice, priesthood, and the temple. While Christ's death and resurrection did make some religious practices obsolete, God's plan and the promises he gave remain relevant and living and applicable. In fact, Jesus' completion of God's redemptive plan transformed those ancient promises so that they are fulfilled to an even deeper degree in the lives of Christians today.

    About the Author

    Randy Robison is a writer, producer, and co-host for the television program LIFE Today. He is the author of numerous books, including collaborations with his father, James Robison, as well as Senator Rand Paul. He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, a husband, and a father of four. He and his family make their home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.