The 100 Best Bible Verses On Heaven (Paperback)

    The 100 Best Bible Verses On Heaven (Paperback)

    Troy Schmidt
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    What does the Bible say about heaven?

    Have you ever wanted to ask God what heaven is like? It turns out that the Bible already tells us! While many authors have tried to describe and explain heaven's mysteries, God's Word is the best source for insight and truth, answering such questions as:

    · What does heaven look like?
    · Who will be there?
    · What will we be doing?
    · How can you be sure you'll be there?

    The verses highlighted in this clear, concise book include well-known gems as well as hidden treasures that will surprise you. Each verse is followed by a brief reading to explain the verse's significance and draw you nearer to God, making it perfect for day-to-day devotions or as a starting point for further study.

    Find the hope and peace that come from knowing the truth about heaven, straight from the Word of God.