Sound Check (Paperback)

    Sound Check (Paperback)

    Kurtis Parks
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    An inspiring and helpful guide for worship leaders and their teams who want to live a life of worship offstage as well as onstage.

    Author Kurtis Parks understands the realities of being a worship leader. In Sound Check he offers insights about:

            What it means to worship with authenticity

            How to cast a vision of excellence for a worship team

            Ways to rely on the Holy Spirit in leading worship

            Practical approaches to spiritual disciplines

            What to do about the ongoing struggle of separating performance and worship

            How seeking God’s presence leads to hearing His voice

    Parks’s powerful message is that when worship leaders cultivate a private life of worship, God will prepare them to lead from the stage.

    About the Author

    Kurtis Parks is the worship director at National Community Church, a multi-site church in the Washington DC area. Parks lives in Annandale, Virginia, with his wife, Sarah, and their two children. His songs can be heard through his Integrity Music albums and in churches all over the world.