Smith Wigglesworth (Paperback)

    Smith Wigglesworth (Paperback)

    Smith Wigglesworth
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    Laughing at the impossible was a way of life for Smith Wigglesworth. He trusted wholeheartedly in the words of Jesus, "Only believe." God used a simple faith to restore sight to the blind, health to the sick, even life to the dead. This same kind of miracle-working faith can be yours. Need a miracle? God has one for you. Trapped in poverty? Access God's unlimited resources. Lack vision and purpose? Discover your God-given destiny. The sustaining effect of the smallest drop of faith will create continues ripples of power. As you believe God, your faith will explode. Your miracle is waiting for you; dare to believe.

    This anthology includes four of Wigglesworths's books:

    • Smith Wigglesworth on Spirit-Filled Living
    • Smith Wigglesworth on Power to Serve (now titled Smith Wigglesworth Only Believe)
    • Experiencing God's Power Today
    • Smith Wigglesworth on God's Transforming Power (now titled Smith Wigglesworth on Heaven)

    Updated for the modern reader, words, expressions, and sentence structure have been revised for clarity and readability. Scripture is taken primarily from the New King James Version (NKJV).