Short Answers To Big Questions About God The Bible And Christianity (Paperback)

    Short Answers To Big Questions About God The Bible And Christianity (Paperback)

    Clinton E & Jeff Arnold
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    Your biggest questions about God and faith--answered.

    This book provides short and to-the-point answers to pressing questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity, including

    ·         What will heaven be like?

    ·         Can a Christian be demon possessed?

    ·         Do science and faith conflict?

    ·         Is hell a real place?

    ·         Is it possible to prove God exists?

    ·         What is God like?

    ·         What is my purpose in life?

    ·         And many more.

    If you want a clear introduction to the essential teachings of Christianity, look no further.


    "This book is a rare treasure because it combines the scholar's mind and tough thinking with a pastor's heart, all written in an interesting and very accessible style. The book does a wonderful job of presenting honest, authentic answers to many typical questions people ask about Christianity. But what makes this book stand out from all other book of this sort is the fact that Arnold and Arnold incorporate, in their questions about the Christian life and its central practices for maturity, a treatment about how to know God intimately and a section on the supernatural world. I love this book, and the Arnolds have put us in their debt by writing it." - J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; author of The Soul: How We Know It's Real and Why It Matters

    "If you've ever wondered whether the Bible contains contradictions, or how science and faith can work together, or whether Jesus truly represents the only way to heaven, this book is for you. It is filled with practical, easily digestible answers to some of the most pressing questions about the Christian faith." - Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

    "Two trends happening in our culture today give me pause for concern. Christians are not as biblically literate as they once were, and the seismic shifts in our culture over the past decade necessitate answers to questions we once took for granted. I'm so grateful to my former professor, Dr Clint Arnold, along with Jeff Arnold, for writing a theologically robust volume in language readily understood by a broad audience. Short Answers to Big Questions will go a long way in serving both those within and outside the body of Christ for years to come." - Bryan Loritts, pastor for preaching and mission at Trinity Grace Church, New York City; author of An Indestructible Life

    About the Authors

    Clinton E. Arnold is dean of Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California. Prior to becoming dean, he was a professor in the New Testament department for twenty-five years. He is the author of many books, including 3 Crucial Questions about Spiritual Warfare, and is the editor of the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary.

    Jeff Arnold is a high school English and logic teacher in Santa Ana, California. A former youth pastor, he is the creator of Unleashed, an intensive training camp for Christian high schoolers that equips them to share their faith. He also trains new believers in the basics of theology as part of a team at his local church.