Ordinary Made Extraordinary (2 DVD)

    Ordinary Made Extraordinary (2 DVD)

    Joseph Prince
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    How did Peter go from impetuous, hasty, and hot-headed fisherman to pillar of the early church—steadfast, developed, and mature in the Lord?

    In two inspiring sermons by Joseph Prince, learn how you can go from a vessel of weakness to a vessel of honour and power in God’s house. From his introduction to Jesus to his denial of Christ to his restoration, see how the Lord continued to extend His grace to and cultivate Peter despite failure after failure until he became an extraordinary apostle.

    Discover also, how despite your failures, you can have bold faith to run to the Lord to be strengthened and restored. Whatever your past, discover how Peter’s amazing transformation can be your reality too!

    This DVD Album contains 2 sermons with 2 DVDs (Approx. total duration: 2hr 49min)

    1. Becoming A Pillar In God’s House—As Revealed In The Life Of Peter (Approx. 1hr 30min)
    2. Why You Can Have Bold Faith Even When You Have Failed (Approx. 1hr 19min)