Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party (Paperback)

    Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party (Paperback)

    Dannah K Gresh
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    Not sure how to approach sticky topics with your tween daughter? 

    The Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party is a mom-daughter group study for tween girls—your 8-to-12-year-old girl, her friends, their moms, and you!

    Over 300,000 moms and daughters have experienced “Secret Keeper Girl Live! The Pajama Party Tour,” created by Dannah Gresh. Now, right in your own living room, your daughter (and her friends) will enjoy an evening of talk, giggles, and games—and also find opportunities to open up about concerns like…

    • drama with friends and mean girls
    • what she thinks about boys
    • her attitude toward her body and her appearance
    • bad stuff in her world
    • her friendship with Jesus

    Games, recipes, lessons, discussion questions—geared for a group or just you and your daughter—this is everything you need to coach your tween toward meaningful friendships, biblical modesty, and true, inner beauty. Serious fun with a serious purpose!