Scripture And Cosmology (Paperback)

    Scripture And Cosmology (Paperback)

    Kyle Greenwood
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    Christians often claim to hold a biblical worldview. But what about a biblical cosmos view?

    From the beginning of Genesis we encounter a vaulted dome above the earth, a "firmament," like the ceiling of a planetarium. Elsewhere we read of the earth sitting on pillars. What does the dome of heaven have to do with deep space?

    As Kyle Greenwood shows, the language of the Bible is also that of the ancient Near Eastern palace, temple and hearth. There was no other way of thinking or speaking of earth and sky or the sun, moon and stars. But when the psalmist looked at the heavens, the delicate finger work of God, it evoked wonder. Even today it is astronomy and cosmology that invoke our awe and point toward the depths of divine mystery.

    Greenwood helps you see how the best Christian thinkers have viewed the cosmos in light of Scripture - and grappled with new understandings as science has advanced from Aristotle to Copernicus to Galileo and the galaxies of deep space. It's a compelling story that both illuminates the text of Scripture and helps you find your own place in the tradition of faithful Christian thinking and interpretation.

    About the Author

    Kyle Greenwood is associate professor of Old Testament and Hebrew language at Colorado Christian University. He is the author of several studies of the Old Testament in its ancient Near Eastern environment.