Reload (DVD)

    Reload (DVD)

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    A broken and troubled young man is transformed by God’s love.

    Reload is a movie based on the true story of Francois de Jager, a young man who grew up with an alcoholic father and an unfaithful mother. His upbringing in an unstable home and his parents’ divorce leaves him empty and confused. His search for meaning in life, acceptance and a way to fill the void has him heading down the same road as his father. He turns to smoking, alcohol and drug abuse and is sexually promiscuous, often with violent outcomes. Francois' involvement in a violent gang nearly costs him his freedom and without friends, family and loved ones he is left homeless, his only company being the drug addicts with whom he shares the streets.

    A young couple takes him under their wing, but their failed efforts to rehabilitate him lead them to take him to church. From that moment on, his life is turned around and he, in turn, starts sharing the Gospel through his ministry and “Reload Youth Conferences”.