Raising A Child Who Prays (Paperback)

    Raising A Child Who Prays (Paperback)

    David D Ireland
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    Raise children who pray to give them a firm foundation and enable them to make the right choices.

    In a society that is quickly abandoning its biblical standards, parents can create an effortless culture in their home that lends itself to the spiritual development of their child.

    David Ireland, known for his dynamic teachings on prayer, provides a framework that helps parents elevate their prayer life, then parents can pass along the secrets to their little ones so they too may become spiritual giants over time.

    Parents will be equipped with practical exercises, sample prayers, and developmentally appropriate mentoring plans that will encourage their children to pray effectively now and into adulthood.

    About the Author

    David D. Ireland, PhD, is the founding and lead pastor of Christ Church, an eight-thousand-member multiracial congregation of over sixty nationalities in New Jersey. Diversity consultant to the National Basketball Association, Ireland hosts seminars nationally and internationally on an array of topics, including leadership development, marriage and family, race, diversity, and prayer. He also helps families to discover the power of prayer through solid Bible-based teaching.