Psalms 1-50 (Brazos Theological Commentary On The Bible)(Hardcover)

    Psalms 1-50 (Brazos Theological Commentary On The Bible)(Hardcover)

    Ellen T Charry
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    Designed to serve the church and demonstrate the continuing intellectual and practical viability of theological interpretation of the Bible.

    The biblical psalms are perhaps the most commented-upon texts in human history. They are at once deeply alluring and deeply troubling. In this addition to the acclaimed Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible, Ellen Charry offers a theological reading of Psalms 1-50, exploring the various voices in the poems to discern the conversation they engage about God, suffering, and hope as well as ways of community belonging. The commentary examines the context of the psalms as worship--tending to both their original setting and their subsequent Jewish and Christian appropriation--and explores the psychological dynamics facing the speaker.


    "It is a wonder and a gift to have a systematic theologian slow down and focus attention on the particularity of biblical texts. No one doing theology can do that more effectively than Charry, who considers the Psalms in their ancient orbit but draws them boldly toward contemporaneity for Christian readers. Charry's attentiveness to the recurring issue of suffering and hope is a welcome accent. Her book is a persuasive addition to the growing corpus of books that intend to bring the Psalter more fully into play in the life, faith, and practice of the church." - Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

    "This is a very thoughtful, theological reflection on the Psalter. Truly to be commended is the seriousness with which Charry takes up the settings provided by the Psalm titles themselves as well as the questions raised by Jewish and Christian interpreters over the centuries. In this way, the commentary allows the theological depth of the Psalter to open up new vistas for the religious life." - Gary A. Anderson, Hesburgh Professor of Catholic Theology, University of Notre Dame

    "Charry's multi-layered commentary focuses on the matters that are of most concern to those who pray--struggles with doubt and doubters, evil-doers and the problem of evil, the absence and invisibility of God. Grounded in a close reading of the text, this widely useful volume steadily demonstrates how the psalmists discover and rediscover God's faithfulness." - Ellen F. Davis, Amos Ragan Kearns Distinguished Professor of Bible and Practical Theology, Duke Divinity School

    "Bringing deep theological wisdom and human experience to reading and hearing the Psalms, Ellen Charry has given us a beautiful commentary in every way--exegetical, theological, and pastoral. While she pursues the meaning of the psalms and what is going on in them, her deep interest is in uncovering what they teach us theologically and anthropologically. In the process, she smoothly integrates the many voices through the ages--both Jewish and Christian interpreters--who have sought to understand the psalms." - Patrick D. Miller, professor of Old Testament theology emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary

    About the Author

    Ellen T. Charry (PhD, Temple University) is Margaret W. Harmon Professor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. She is the author of numerous articles and several books, including God and the Art of Happiness. Charry has served on the editorial boards of the Scottish Journal of Theology and Pro Ecclesia and currently serves as an editor-at-large for The Christian Century.