Planning Small Groups With Purpose (Paperback)

    Planning Small Groups With Purpose (Paperback)

    Steve Gladen
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    Practical and proven small group strategies that work

    Small groups are a great way to promote the spiritual formation of church attendees. But leading them well can be hard work, especially if you don't have a plan. Planning Small Groups with Purpose helps you develop and implement a twelve- to eighteen-month strategic plan for your ministry in order to keep it healthy and growing. You'll answer twenty questions that help you

    · articulate your vision
    · understand the purpose of your ministry
    · connect members
    · grow numerically and spiritually
    · measure progress
    · develop leaders
    · create opportunities to serve
    · and much more

    By the time you're done, you will have developed your own personalized planner for the next year to eighteen months so that you can feel prepared, confident, and purposeful about your small group ministry.

    Developed at Saddleback Church, this completely customizable plan works for any church size, any denomination, and any church culture.