Parenting With Courage (Paperback)

    Parenting With Courage (Paperback)

    Mandi Hart
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    Parenting with Courage, a brand-new book by South African author and counselor Mandi Hart, is a home-grown, contemporary guide on parenting, which offers practical advice from a South African perspective.
    If parenting were an adventure sport, it would be the most courageous sport in the world. It’s adventuring into the unknown, full of unexpected twists and turns and completely unpredictable. Schooling and tertiary education does little to prepare us for being parents, and in this ever-changing world, parents needs all the help they can get to cope with the increasing challenges they face.
    Mandi helps parents to realize that parenting first and foremost deals with who, not what they are. She encourages readers to look inward and assess themselves before moving on to external influences. She offers practical guidelines and tools and points readers towards spiritual avenues for parenting with God’s help. Topics covered include:

    • The upshot of culture
    • Character and values
    • Stages of development
    • Discipline
    • Intentional parenting
    • How to pray for your child

    Also included are many real-life stories that parents will be able to relate to, as well as Scripture verses and questions for personal reflection and discussion at the end of every chapter.

    About the Author

    Mandi Hart and her husband, Neil, are part of All Nations (a missions and church planting organization). In 2014 they took over the leadership from founders Floyd and Sally McClung.
    Mandi and Neil have planted a number of churches and regularly speak at their church planting training courses and in churches around the country. They have ministered in a number of regions including Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and work in a cross-cultural environment.
    Mandi has led a moms’ group, consisting of about 75 moms with babies and toddlers, for a number of years. She also facilitates parenting and marriage courses and speaks on family and marriage in missions and ministry. She holds, among other qualifications, a certificate in Christian Counseling from Unisa. She is the mother of two teenagers.