Outstanding Leadership (Hardcover)

    Outstanding Leadership (Hardcover)

    Stan Toler
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    What makes a leader stand out? What are the keys to truly making a difference? And how can you become the influencer you were created to be?

    With more than 40 years of leadership experience, Stan Toler knows what it takes to empower people to reach organizational and personal goals. He cuts through the mystery and confusion and provides clear guidelines to help you accomplish vital leadership tasks, including...

    ·         defining your vision, developing your plan, and communicating clearly to help people buy in to your shared goal

    ·         overcoming common leadership challenges to create a culture of success

    ·         building strong relationships and effective teams that make working hard worthwhile

    You'll find all the tools, tips, and practical guidance you need to help individuals and groups reach their highest potential and fulfill their God-given purpose.

    About the Author

    Stan Toler has spoken in over 90 countries and written over 100 books with sales of more than 3 million copies. Toler for many years served as vice president and instructor for INJOY, John C. Maxwell's institute for training leaders to make a difference in the world.