Outgrow Your Space At Work (Paperback)

    Outgrow Your Space At Work (Paperback)

    Rick Whitted
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    "How do I get promoted?"
    The answer may surprise you

    Millions of people quit their jobs every month because they haven't gotten a promotion. But job-hopping in search of advancement and fulfilment may actually have the opposite effect.

    Career progression is not about getting promoted, it's about outgrowing your space--making your current job bigger until management takes notice and creates greater opportunities for you. With a lifetime of experience and research to back him up, Rick Whitted helps you

    • identify why you want a promotion
    • define for yourself what success really looks like
    • position yourself for a promotion
    • innovate in the role you perform right now
    • and much more

    Rick shows you how to immediately apply the concepts you learn to your situation.


    "Rick Whitted, a master at the art of leadership, has created a refreshing, insightful, and well-researched book that asks the critical questions about how each of us can succeed at what is important in business. This book could rightfully be called 'The Owner's Manual for Your Career.' It is that comprehensive. Whitted knows that employees who want to thrive should consider key questions about themselves and then take personal ownership of their calling, so he lays out a clear and compelling guide to do just that. A readable, thoughtful, and often surprising book that has great utility for employees and managers at all levels--I wholeheartedly recommend it!" - Brigadier General (Ret) Philip D. Coker, author of Forging Great Leaders and The Geometry of Leadership

    About the Author

    Rick Whitted (MBA, Nova Southeastern University) has worked in the banking industry for more than two decades. Starting as a part-time bank teller in college, he gradually advanced to become the national manager for small business banking for one of the country's top financial services firms. In his management roles, Rick has consistently built top-performing teams. His popular podcast, On Your Way to Work, is available on iTunes, and he is regularly asked to consult on matters of promotion and success. He lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife and their three children.