Our Famlily Prayer Book (Paperback)

    Our Famlily Prayer Book (Paperback)

    Helena Croukamp
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    Our family prayer book will encourage families to embrace a life of praying together and of getting to know our Heavenly Lord more intimately. Our Lord tells us in Jeremiah 33:3 that, if we call on him, he will answer. In fact, he will not only answer, but he will also reveal his mysteries to us. It is true that God knows us. He has engraved each and every single one of our names on the palms of his hands, even before the foundations of the earth were laid. Yes, he knows us very well and he is calling us to him so that we will know him. Our family prayer book is part of The Prayer Power series following The Pregnancy Prayer Book and The Toddler Prayer book

    About the Authors

    Helena Croukamp holds a diploma in ministry and a certificate in leadership. She lives in Wellington with her husband, Basil and two children, Tian and Leonè. Helena made it her sole mission to glorify God’s name by using his Word to enlighten people and to reveal his will for their lives. She inspires her readers to change their hearts and empowers them to renew their minds with the knowledge necessary to release God’s blessings in their lives.