Old Testament Essentials (Paperback)

    Old Testament Essentials (Paperback)

    Tremper Longman
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    Discover Old Testament Riches

    “Christians love the Bible, but they often do not know what to do with the Old Testament”, writes Westmont College professor Tremper Longman. He points out that it includes many types of writing-history, prophecy, poetry, wisdom and apocalyptic. In this helpful volume he offers different strategies for understanding each of these important types of writing.

    Jesus made ‘n point to tell His disciples that the whole Old Testament anticipated His coming. And so each session includes a special feature called “Anticipating the New Testament.” You will begin to discover the links between the two testaments through this and gain a fuller sense of your unfolding salvation history.

    Following a format similar to the other volumes of the Essentials series, originally designed by Greg Ogden, author of Discipleship Essentials, each session includes the following elements:

    ·         A memory verse

    ·         A Bible study

    ·         A reading

    ·         “Anticipating the New Testament”

    ·         A life application section

    Designed to work well on your own, with a partner or triad, or in small group, Old Testament Essentials offers a comprehensive overview that will enrich your knowledge and deepen your faith.

    About the Author

    Tremper Longman III is Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He is the author of How to Read Genesis, How to Read the Psalms, How to Read Proverbs and Literary Approaches to Biblical Interpretation.