Such Were Some of You (DVD)

    Such Were Some of You (DVD)

    Mastering Life Ministries
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    Be equip to more redemptively minister to homosexuals who come to your church.

    Such Were Some of You is a 2-hour documentary produced by Mastering Life Ministries that is designed to equip church leaders and laity in how to more redemptively minister to homosexuals who come to our churches. It begins with a contrast between the opinions of people on the street and biblical experts like Dr Michael Brown, Dr Robert Gagnon and Dr Neil T. Anderson.

    Then it moves into interviews with over two dozen former homosexuals (led by Dr Julie Hamilton) who talk about how they developed homosexual attraction, what the gay lifestyle was really like, how they came to Christ, and what God has done since to bring healing and change to their lives.

    • Experts — This documentary begins with people on the street giving their opinions, answered by biblical scholars.
    • Causes — Christian therapist Dr Julie Hamilton helps us to understand the journey of former homosexuals who describe causes for their same-sex attractions.
    • Lifestyle — Continuing, they describe what the gay lifestyle is really like.
    • Conversion — How they surrendered to Jesus Christ.
    • Healing — Finally, these former homosexuals describe breakthrough moments in their ongoing healing process.