Mysteries Of The Afterlife (Paperback)

    Mysteries Of The Afterlife (Paperback)

    Ron Jones
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    Is there a more important topic than one's eternal destination? Pastor, church planter, and radio personality (more than 100 radio stations and expanding) Ron Jones believes the gravity of this topic deserves the utmost in both biblical accuracy and compassion. In Mysteries of the Afterlife he delivers a clearly written and compelling explanation of heaven, hell, and the afterlife. You'll find answers to questions such as:

    ·         What happens 60 seconds after we die?

    ·         Are heaven and hell real places?

    ·         Is there a future resurrection and judgement?

    ·         Are we reincarnated after death?

    ·         Can we communicate with the dead?

    ·         Are "near-death" experiences real?

    And the most important question of all—what is your eternal destiny?

    About the Author

    Ron Jones is the lead pastor of Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Virginia Beach and radio Bible teacher on the nationally syndicated broadcast Something Good with Dr. Ron Jones. A lifelong learner, Ron earned degrees from Purdue University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Cathryn, and their two children.