My Best Friend/An Even Better Marriage (Combo)

    My Best Friend/An Even Better Marriage (Combo)

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    Start today be happier forever.

    Back in the day, being in love meant doing small things for one another, like opening the car door for your lady or getting all dressed up just to look nice for your man. Today, however, most people have become so focused on achieving success and status that the romance of love and marriage has been all but lost.

    In My Best Friend, well-known author and evangelist Angus Buchan shares his perspectives on marriage and how to appreciate and protect this God-given blessing. He draws from his own experiences of being a husband for over forty years, as well as fulfilling the roles of a father, evangelist, mentor and counselor. Topics include the lost art of chivalry, how to resolve conflict, dealing with finances, respecting one’s spouse, raising children, discipline in the home, setting a good example and spending time together (and apart).

    Discover what it means to truly cherish your spouse and cultivate a fulfilling, Christ-honoring marriage.

    When life gets busy, even the strongest couple can find themselves in a stale relationship where ev­ery­one is just going through the motions, for­getting why they’re together in the first place.

    In An Even Better Marriage, Stephen Arterburnidentifies the seven behaviors that are most often ne­glected and, when started, will impact a relationship for good. By choosing to embrace each change, couples will re­awaken their love and enthusiasm for each oth­er, creating a vibrant and lasting bond.

    Couples no longer have to settle for just OK. Now they can go from fine to fabulous as they create the mar­­riage they’ve always wanted.