Men And Women (Paperback)

    Men And Women (Paperback)

    Larry Crabb
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    What does it take to get along for a lifetime?

    Men and women share a deadly problem that kills good relating. The problem is this: we are committed, first of all, to ourselves. Each of us, without blushing, holds fast to an overriding concern for our own well-being. Sharing people’s stories and personal anecdotes, Crabb explores how you can turn away from yourself and toward each other, how you can become what he calls "other-centred." In Men & Women, Dr Crabb maintains that men and women are different in important ways that, if understood and honoured, can lead to a deep enjoyment of one another, an enjoyment that can last forever.

    About the Author

    Dr Larry Crabb is a well-known psychologist, conference and seminary speaker, Bible teacher, popular author, and founder/director of NewWay Ministries. He is currently Scholar in Residence at Colorado Christian University in Denver and Visiting Professor of Spiritual Formation for Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta. Dr Crabb and his wife of forty-six years, Rachael, live in the Denver, Colorado area.