Life Overflowing (4 Six Pillars From Ephesians Series)(Paperback)

    Life Overflowing (4 Six Pillars From Ephesians Series)(Paperback)

    TD Jakes
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    We were created to live so God could demonstrate His power through us. However, many of us turn to our own limited resources when dealing with people and situations.


    In this fourth study in Ephesians, T. D. Jakes challenges readers to answer the following:


    -          When God calls you to do something that seems humanly impossible, how do you accomplish it in His power and strength?

    -          What is the purpose of “thorns” in your life … and what if God chooses not to remove them?

    -          How do you successfully break old, sinful habits and replace them with godly attitudes, behaviors, and reactions?


    When you rely on the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to walk out each day, you will experience a life that’s “exceeding abundantly” above all you could ask or think. And once you’ve tasted this overflowing life, you’ll never want to turn back!